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Why do people thrift?

Here are the top five reasons, people shop at thrift stores. From the book, "Thrift Shopping: Discovering Bargains and Hidden Treasures," by Sandy Donovan.

1. To save money.

I love getting a deal, so why not pay 70% -95% less than retail for items!

2. To find unique clothes and satisfy a creative urge.

Starting a new do it yourself (DIY) project? Thrfiting for supplies for a first time project is the way to go.

Thrifting also promotes a fashion forward wardrobe.

3. To save the world

Before throwing away your unwanted junk, call us! Seriously, another person or two, could get great use of your items. "Another mans trash, is another man's treasure."

4. Having fun with friends.

A thrift store is similar to an art gallery, you and your friends will constantly uncover "conversation pieces."

5. Enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

Dig, dig, dig! Digging through thrift store for something special can be a liberating experience. Shopping is just that, hunting for that perfect item for an outfit, room, or gift!

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